Put your pin in
the map. 

We set out to bring together what belongs together: bike shops and riders. With bikerepair.com, we created an online platform for enthusiasts to easier find you, hire you, and thus help you build your premium customer base.

Think online,
act local. 

People are more online than ever. Are you? Is your shop?
Truth is, you don’t need to have a website or the best Google ranking. Just log on where all the riders are: bikerepair.com 

No fees, no contract, no risk. 

Sounds too good to be free? But it is! Becoming a listed member of the bikerepair.com community is just as free as cruising down the California hills on a curvy backroad. No listing or transaction fees.
Only thing that isn’t cheap: your premium service! Get paid by your customers right in your shop, just like before. 


Image boost in
the making.

We work with the best and sort out the rest. Our co-operation partners are the top tier of local bike shops and technical service providers. By becoming a link in the chain, you’ll benefit of from the image that is the symbol for quality and expertise in American high-class workmanship. 

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Forget search engine optimizing, forget an expensive website launch or relaunch, stick to your roots.
We provide the rest: Your very own and totally free shop profile.

• Increase your customer base 
• Increase your revenue
• Get new customers
• Seize your upselling opportunity
• Free for bike repair shops
• Exclusive network

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